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My journey into creating Art began with my finger and my phone.

Digital Doodles were my way of

working through a lot of the questions that I had about myself and the world around me that I simply couldn't answer yet.

Mr Tie Guy RFP.JPG

Mr. Tie Guy

Digital Doodle

20 Something RFP.jpg

20 Something

Digital Doodle

The Harbor RFP.jpg

The Harbor

Digital Doodle

Unwritten RFP.jpg


Digital Doodle

Deconstructed RFP.jpg


Digital Doodle

Deconstructed Inverse RFP.jpg

Deconstructed in Reverse

Digital Doodle

Parts RFP.jpg


Digital Doodle

Grounded in Flight RFP.jpg

Grounded in Flight

Digital Doodle

Balancing Act RFP.JPG

A Balancing Act

Digital Doodle

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