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Eitan Barokas was born in New Jersey in 1995.

While he was surrounded by creativity and Art throughout his childhood, he only began to create in his late high school years. Eitan’s beginnings in Art quickly escalated from hobby to passion—as he painted for the first time just a year before beginning college.

During his time at Emory University, he majored in both Business and Interdisciplinary Studies—yet Eitan quickly realized that he was creating just as much as he was studying. From a make-shift studio in his dorm room, to working in classrooms across campus, Eitan painted constantly throughout his four years at University.

The tipping point came in the Summer of 2016, when Eitan decided to set-up shop in New York City on SoHo’s historic Prince Street, a place where many of his favorite Artists, both past and present, had emerged. That Summer test-run of showcasing and selling his works in SoHo served as the catalyst that dictated the path ahead:

In the year that followed, Eitan graduated from Emory and moved back to New Jersey to pursue his dreams of being an Artist.

Since then, Eitan held his debut, solo-show, 'Yesterday', in 2018, featuring 30 original works in SoHo, New York City, as well as participating and curating in group shows across New Jersey and Manhattan.


One of his proudest accomplishments came in September of 2018, when Emory University’s Institute of Liberal Arts collected

’Bloom’, a 36x48 inch Original Painting. 

Shortly after, in the Summer of 2019, Eitan took part in a Two-Person Exhibition at Blackbird Gallery in New York City. 

From September of 2020 through March of 2021, Eitan had two paintings on view at the Morris Museum as a part of their Group Exhibit, 'Dissonance'.

The Show was exhibited in the Museum's Main Gallery.

Most recently, Eitan completed a new series, "We Could Be Anywhere", which features a new style of work and subject matter, centered around colored pencil works on canvas born from A hybrid of

his Street Photography and Digital Art.

All throughout and in-between, he has privately sold original paintings, limited edition prints, and commissions to collectors.

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