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“We Could Be Anywhere, Volume I: The BEginnings,” is a body of work that represents us all,
no matter where we come from, what we believe in, or how we choose to define ourselves.
Centered around the themes of identity, indecision, overcoming, emotion, and truth, these works are not unique only to the characters and scenes through which these
stories were born from, but rather, to all of us.
A culmination of many years of my own growth, soul-searching, understanding, and vulnerability, these fifty pieces are but snapshots of fleeting moments that are now frozen in time.

With a written story to accompany each of the fifty pieces, the series aims to reach viewers in a meaningful and reflective way, circling the many questions, challenges, and
experiences each one of us faces on our own journeys every single day.
Thank you for being here with me as I take a step into the unknown.
This process has been deeply personal for me, and through it all,
I aim to bring myself closer to you, as I continue to overcome myself.

"We Could Be Anywhere, Volume I" launched on Nifty Gateway as a Series of fifty 1/1 NFTs on April 21st, 2022.

To view the sold-out Series in its entirety: Click HEre

To view works available on the marketplace: Click Here

To view the seven-piece physical series Accompanying this Digital volume: Click Here

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