First Trial (Hand Pulled Screen Print)
  • First Trial (Hand Pulled Screen Print)

    Print Options 1-3 are on BLACK colored paper (ALL BLACK PRINTS ARE SOLD OUT) 
    Print Options 4-8 are on WHITE colored paper
    Print Options 9-13 are on CREAM colored paper
    SOLD: Print 1, Print 2, Print 3, Print 4, Print 5
    Medium: Screen Print on Paper
    Print Size: ~11in x 15in
    Paper Type: Stonehenge, 90lbs
    Edition: 1/1
    These prints are from my FIRST attempt at screen printing EVER.
    Using different paper colors, layerings, and registration, each of these 13 prints are unique while sharing the same base design. 
    Free Shipping in the US is included in price.


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